Qualified Swiss lawyers proposes the following services:

Signing of contracts

Registration of the mixed societies

Registration of the societies in Switzerland

Opening of the Offshore societies

Assistance in the banking transactions

Conclusion of the agreements of transactions

Assistance in the purchase of immovable property

Discussion in the tax area

Elaboration of financial plans

Recovery credits in Switzerland and in the foreign countries, in particular in the countries of the European east

Links with public agencies and private organizations

Hereditary assessments and preparation of successor inventories

Preparations of the duty documents

Assessment of the solvency of third persons or companies

Preparation of practical insurance, with particular reference to the investigation of the street or industrial accident

Their services are at you disposal: for individual solutions, coherently with the matters in accordance with the international law. We help to find the best jurist for you, specialist in the issues for your regard to you. Usually the Swiss lawyers speak two or more languages, the reason for which is more easy way of communication with the clients.

However, we are also able to provide you with the necessary advice, enabling for setting a connection with trade offices linking with the financial and lawyer offices in Russia with the intention to improve the business connections recover of credits, to prepare contracts, to constitute society of any type, to acquire companies in Russia, to acquire product of the Russian export, etc.

We are also in a position to supply the customs information to you which is necessary for to importing and exporting wares from and to Russia.


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