Is the second nationality possible?

Yes, Switzerland does not prohibit to a foreign national who obtains the naturalization in our country, to preserve his own nationality. Naturally, the native land of the concerned person must also admit similar procedures. Italy, for an example, for the moment, admits the double nationality for its own citizens. Other countries forbid this: if one accepts the Swiss nationality, then he must automatically renounce his own nationality. Of course, it is always very interesting to have more than two or more nationalities and in this case, the Swiss legislation can explain itself just as the leading one in this case.
In Switzerland many foreigners live permanently. It is estimated that 18% of the population resident in Switzerland, are foreign. The majority of them have a stay Permission (Permission C) which confirms practically all the rights of a citizen; the only difference consists in the fact that you are limited in the political area and in not subjugated to the military service. What concerns the taxes, the foreign citizens are treated exactly in the same manner like the Swiss citizens, with all obligations and the rights they have in this country.
Contrarily to such countries as USA, for an example, Switzerland does not subject own residents who live abroad to pay taxes. The acquisition of the Swiss nationality, does not involve therefore, fiscal repercussions for the foreign citizen who got the Swiss citizenship, and may re-enter the country of his origin as well.
Thus, one can make a conclusion that the acquisition of the Swiss nationality gives only advantages for the foreign citizen, because being a Swiss resident he gets firstly the right to work and to move freely in the country.


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